November, 2014

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morris-shererDear TJ families and friends,

Lots of good things are happening this fall! We are doing much better in daily average attendance. Last year at this time we were at 91.6% we are now at 92.1%!

Last week TJ DECA competed in the District 3 Leadership Conference. We qualified 9 competitors for the State Conference in February, with another 10 competitors as alternates in their events. We had a total of 53 competitors that competed in 19 different events. Congratulations to all of the competitors from Friday’s event, they definitely earned experience and represented TJ in a positive light to our community!

Thanks to Skills USA, many needy families will be provided with food for the upcoming holidays. They will have one more food drive before we leave for Winter Break.

Mark your calendars for our next CCTM and School Open House, which will be Tuesday, December 2 from 6-8 PM. Please share this with any prospective 8th grade families.

Mark your calendar for the annual Holiday Artisan Fair that is sponsored by our PTO. This event will be Saturday, December 13 in our gym from 9-4. Please come out and support TJ with your holiday purchases.

We are proud of our students for their hard work and we are encouraging them to continue that hard work to finish off the semester on a strong note.

Thanks for your continued support!

Mrs. Suzanne Morris-Sherer

October, 2014

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Dear TJ Families and Friends,

I have great news to report, TJ is now a GREEN school! This is a huge accomplishment and was really was a full school effort. Not only are we meeting the District expectations, we are exceeding in some areas like our AP pass rate. We had the largest gain of any traditional high school. I have always said that TJ is a hidden jewel of the Southeast, now the good news about TJ is finally getting out!

We had an all school assembly a few weeks ago and shared the great news with the student body. It wasn’t all cupcakes and music we really felt that students needed to know how they contributed to TJ’s success. So in sharing the good news of us going green, the entire administrative team shared our students helped us to make this huge gain and our expectations moving forward.

Some of the things we talked about that helped us gain this success were:

-Students coming to school every day, on time.
-Students going to classes prepared and ready to learn; being mentally present
-Students challenging themselves by taking AP and HR classes to better prepare for the rigor of college.
- Students advocating for help when they are struggling. We offer Office Hours every Wednesday, and tutoring sessions Monday-Thursday from 3-4 every week.
- Students understanding that to be a student athlete they must be strong student first. They must be eligible to play each week; good grades are a must at TJ.
-Taking advantage of the AP tutoring sessions that we run each week at school and the District sessions that are offered at TJ and other neighboring schools this winter and spring.

We are proud of our students for their hard work and we are proud of our teachers who never accept less then a student’s best. We are having our first Open House for CCTM and the entire school on Tuesday, October 14 from 6-8. If you know some 8th graders who are looking for a high school to call home, have them come and check out all the great things that are happening at TJ. TJ we are going from good to GREAT!

Thanks for your continued support!
Mrs. Suzanne Morris-Sherer


August, 2014

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Dear TJ Spartan students and families,
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Welcome back! TJ had a great year with so many accomplishments! We set the bar very high for our students and they did rise to the challenges. We increased our overall attendance by 1.2%, which was the 2nd highest gain in the district- 2nd only to JFK who surpassed us by one tenth of a percent! We ended the year with an 89.4% daily attendance rate. Tardies were decreased by 65%! We’ve had promising finals scores and AP scores, all increases from previous years. We’ve also had a huge increase in our ACT scores!
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May 2014

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morris-shererDear Spartan parents and students:

We have a lot of gains to celebrate as we wrap up the year!

-Our overall attendance is 89.4%, which is a 1.2% increase from last year
-Our tardies are down 1.9% from last year
-Our student suspensions are down 143 from last year

It is evident that our students are really living the Spartan values that we’ve emphasized all year long. We are looking forward to even more gains and celebrations in the coming years as we continue to improve this community of learners and leaders.

Stay tuned for information regarding the 9th Grade Academy, which will be held Aug. 11-15, as well as the Freshman BBQ and other fun kickoff events in the fall.

Thanks for your commitment to making TJ great! Have a fun and safe summer, Spartans.


Suzanne Morris-Sherer


April 2014

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morris-shererDear Spartan parents and students:

We are very saddened to learn that one of our students, Xavier Nolasco-Ramirez, passed away over the weekend. Xavier was a 10th grader at our school this year. We have been in touch with his family to offer support and condolences and to let them know that they are in our thoughts and prayers.

Because some of our students may be deeply saddened by this news, I wanted to let you know that we have a grief counseling team available to assist students in coping with their feelings and concerns.

You may wish to discuss further with your son or daughter about death and grief. The following signs may indicate that your son or daughter is having difficulty, but with time they should decrease. Signs of stress:

• Most importantly, marked changes in usual ways of behaving, including decline in school productivity or mood changes
• Changes in sleeping or eating problems
• Disorganization
• Withdrawing behaviors
• Easily distracted
• Physical symptoms
• Acting out behavior, including aggression
• Passivity or listlessness• Tearfulness
Our school’s Psychologist, Natalie Koncz, Social Worker, Samanda Davis, and School Nurse, Betty Richmeier are also available for support and may be contacted at 720-423-7000. Please do not hesitate to contact us if needed.

Our thoughts are with the family at this time.


Suzanne Morris-Sherer


February 2014

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morris_shererDear Spartan Families,

In Denver Public Schools, we believe that every child has a bright future within their reach, and that we need to do everything we can to ensure all students realize that incredible potential. That’s why we need all members of the DPS community—parents, community members, students and staff—to get involved and share their ideas about the Denver Plan, a roadmap to success that will outline our goals and how best to achieve them. Updating the Denver Plan will provide additional clarity related to our vision of Every Child Succeeds, define key goals that form the foundation of this vision and identify key strategies that will ensure we achieve those goals. Let your voice be heard! Click here to get involved in the Denver Plan update process.

Suzanne Morris-Sherer, Principal
Thomas Jefferson High School

January, 2014

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morris_shererHappy New Year! I hope that all students had a chance to rest and reflect on the first semester.  As we move forward it is always good to see where we started this year and where we are headed, so here are some updates:

Attendance- I told the students that the District’s expectation is for all high schools to have 92% average daily attendance. I am very competitive and students know that I want TJ to be better than the other high schools, so we are working on getting 92% or better!

Overall attendance is way up! 1.2% increased from this time last year. December was the 5th month in a row where our attendance surpassed that of last year. In fact, our attendance was 3% higher this past December than it was a year ago! That’s amazing work! We are getting extremely close to our goal of 92%. As many of you know, research has shown time and time again that a student’s attendance during the first 20 days of a semester is one of the largest predictors of whether or not that student passes a course. Please continue to notify Jenny Humphrey about your student’s attendance.

Discipline- TJ’s numbers are way down from last year. I really attribute this to setting high expectations for students, being transparent about those expectation and necessary consequences and holding students accountable.

Academic Success: We are very encouraged about the semester finals!  We were at or above District average in all areas. In Geometry, TJ had the highest scores out of all DPS traditional high schools!

Additionally, there were 416 students on the Honor Roll first semester. That means that 40% of our Spartans have a 3.0 GPA or higher!

Post Secondary Readiness- We continue to offer a large number of rigorous classes. We are making sure that all seniors are college ready by offering 090 and 099 classes as preparation for college. We continue to deepen our relationship with Metropolitan State College by increasing the college classes for this year and into next year. We continue to have one of the highest numbers of students concurrently enrolled in both TJ and colleges. Concurrent enrollment provides students the opportunity to receive college elective credit at the expense of DPS. This is a huge savings for our families! Read more

November, 2013

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morris_shererDear Spartan Families,

Well it is now November and we are about seven weeks from the 1st semester being completed and we have lots to celebrate! As you know we have been working on decreasing our daily tardies and increasing our daily attendance. I want to thank you for supporting your student in getting to school on time-every day. I also want to thank the students for really valuing their education and exhibiting our Spartan value of “Academic Accountability”. Way to Spartan Up!

Attendance Challenge:
With Halloween this year, the Leadership Class thought that having an attendance challenge would be a great incentive for the students and a different and fun way to celebrate Halloween at TJ. The Leadership Class hosted an attendance celebration rewarding those who had 95% attendance or higher for the month of October. This year the celebration took place at lunch on Thursday the 31st of October-Halloween. This event was by invitation only and hosted 505 students, which is about 400 more than last year or almost half of our students!  Our tardy rate has dropped from 2.5% from this time last year to 1.0% to date. Read more

October, 2013

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morris_shererDear Spartan Families,

We have just ended the first six weeks of school and wonderful things are really happening at TJ! I thought that this would be a good time to update you on our progress as we move TJ from a good school to a great school!
College Readiness:
• We have over 400 students taking AP (Advanced Placement) courses. AP courses are comparable to college courses.
• TJ now offers 16 different AP courses; one of the largest offerings in DPS! All 9th graders are taking AP or Honors classes.
• We have 130 11th graders signed up for ACT prep sessions.
• We are 30+ students over our projection, which has provided us the ability to increase the teaching time of two of our Social Studies teachers, which equals five additional sections for our students.
• We have decreased the amount of tardies to the lowest it has been in years!
• Our daily average attendance is between 92-94%; one of the highest of any DPS high school!
• 656 students are taking a World Language class.
• Many of our sports teams are having incredible seasons:

  • Girls’ Volleyball – Undefeated entering week six; rated 5th in the state
  • Girls’ Softball – 17 and 1 season; have received votes for the Top Ten!
  • Boys’ Tennis – Competed well in regionals, also beat a team (Valor) and just missed qualifying for state #2. Doubles ranked 3rd!
  • Our Unified teams – We have added kickball and football as new offerings this year!

Our JROTC is looking great!

  • They had their first shooting competition and we are looking good!
  • We have had three so far and we are tied for 1st and we have the #1 shooter in the city at TJ!
  • We also had the highest scores for any team in the city, so far!

We are also generating a lot of interest from area K-8 & middle schools for tours and shadowing. We just hosted about 50 students from Slavens K-8, and continue to get calls daily to request time to visit TJ!

The students and staff are the reasons that make a school great; and will move TJ from good to great!

Happy Fall

Suzanne Morris-Sherer, Principal
Thomas Jefferson High School


September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013 by ·  

TJ Assistant Principal Andrew Skari

TJ Assistant Principal Andrew Skari

Dear Spartan Alumni,

I am writing to you on behalf of Thomas Jefferson High School and the Alumni Association to extend an invitation to attend our first annual Thomas Jefferson Hall of Fame reception to be held on Friday, September 27th. It will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Crystal Rose Event Center located at 9755 E. Hampden Avenue in Denver. We would be honored if you could join us to celebrate the induction of the Hall of Fame Class of 2013. This year’s inductees include: Len Ashford, Carla Stearns, John Stearns, Ken Hughes, and Dave Grannell.

The celebration continues the next morning as the Spartan Football team takes the field for their Homecoming contest against Mitchell High School. Kickoff is at 10 a.m. at All City Field and we will be honoring this year’s Hall of Fame Inductees at halftime. We hope to make the Hall of Fame Reception an annual event that provides TJ Alumni the opportunity to celebrate the rich history and storied past of Thomas Jefferson. Thank you for your consideration and we hope to see you on the 27th!

Sincerely Yours,

Andrew Skari
Assistant Principal / Athletic Director


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