Holding Out for a Hero

February 14, 2012 by ·  

Saving the day from the evil that comes this way, heroes fight for what is right.

Everyone needs a hero sometime. Artwork by Cody Anderson

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Behind The Cackle

December 5, 2011 by ·  

A look at the things that separate the run-of-the-mill bad guy from the horrifying beings that haunt our darkest nightmares.

Villains can shake us to our very souls, sometimes just with a gaze Artwork by Cody Anderson

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A MacBook Aboard 815: The Shape of Things to Come

April 29, 2008 by ·  

A LOST addict types really, really fast between commercials.
CAUTION [If you didn’t see last night’s episode STOP! Spoilers Ahead!]

by Manny Perez

LOST.jpg    Everyone loves when regular TV shows mix-up their air times, right? No? Yeah, well me neither. Lost, in the spirit of “ABC’s All-New Thursdays”, has decided it will be airing from now till May 29th at 9 pm instead of the regular 8 pm; thus throwing this reporter into at least one high-speed chase trying to get home on time, only to learn he still has an hour to spare.

9:07 – Good old Lost Island seaside. Jack is feeling off due to this completely warped schedule and is thus taking some medication to ease the pain. Kate welcomes herself into the tent and she starts talking with Jack about why Sayid isn’t back from the boat, but before too long Bernard is yelling for help from the shore. Apparently he sees dead people. Someone is floating facedown in the water, but no worry, it’s just the stupid doctor from the boat we all hate.

Meanwhile OTOSOTI (On the other side of the island) Locke, Sawyer, and Hurley, are playing Risk before being interrupted by an automated phone call “Code 14-J.” Taking their time, they go ask Ben if he would like to sign-up for a free MasterCard. At this, Ben jumps, grabs and pumps a shotgun, and tells the three to head over to the other house. “They’re here”. Read more

A MacBook Aboard 815: The Constant

March 1, 2008 by ·  

A LOST addict types really, really fast between commercials.
CAUTION [If you didn’t see last night’s episode STOP! Spoilers Ahead!]

by Manny Perez

LOST.jpg8:10 –
OK, Desmond is crazy. He keeps switching from the helicopter/boat to the British Army.
On the island: Daniel confirms the timespace-fluxuation thing – well, almost. Back on the boat, I freak out when I hear a voice that sounds like Walt, turns out it’s just some dude [disappointment]. More on him later, as it looks like he’s crazy too.

8:15 –
Sayid phones home. Desmond continues switching realities, talks to crazy dude briefly, talks to Penny. We switch back to the boat, Sayid hands the SatPhone to Desmond because Daniel wants to talk to him. Danny seems to get what’s happening to Dez and asks him some questions and gives him instructions to find him in 1996 [?] at Oxford University [?] [WHAT???]

02.jpg8:25 –
More crazy instructions then SWITCHBACK. 2.342? Eloise? Past Dez goes to visit Past Danny at Oxford. [Oh God. the hair!] Standard “ha ha I don’t believe you” from Danny until Dez mentions Eloise. Turns out she’s a rat. He sticks her under a microwave thing. Zaps her with some light, which he explains almost like she’s sending her through time and after he puts her in … a maze? SHE TIMETRAVELED in her conscious? Switchback to present. Crazy George is awake and explains how he knows Penny OMG [sarcasm]. Read more