Manny Recommends Vol. 1

March 7, 2008 by ·  

Life made easy with some simple, weekly, suggestions.

by Manny Perez

MannyRecVerticle.gif    Gleaning over history, there are several decisions men and women much more powerful and influential than me have made that strike me as BAD. Buying real estate in the then booming Pompeii area. Trusting Severus Snape. Having a bite of the apple that nice, but kinda creepy, old lady offered. ALL choices, that if the person presented with them would have just turned in the opposite direction, the consequences would have been much easier (and shorter) to write down. In light of these tragic turns for the worst, I have decided to take the world by the hand and guide the people of this planet on the way toward GOOD decisions. Below are a few minimal-effort suggestions to get you started on your way to greatness, like solving a murder case, or creating international peace, or something. I don’t know.

Recycling Bins
Hey look! Free purple trash containers! Hooray!

    After watching the environmental phenomenon An Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore, 2006), I’m truly surprised that I don’t see these things littering the streets all over the city. Even coupled with the current mentality that the sky is falling, and with the world’s polar bear cub population in steep decline due to the global-pollution-deforestation apocalypse, I still find myself craning my neck around street corners searching for the familiar purple container.
     Recycling, besides the huge bonus in karma, can be truly effective in shrinking down our landfills (an estimated 75% of everyday trash can be recycled), reduces overall energy usage, and cracks down on greenhouse emissions, basically creating new materials while reducing the use of old ones, and reaping all the benefits that go along with that. Read more