Out Clubbin': Sit-N-Knit Club

April 17, 2008 by ·  

“Knit young grasshopper. Knit.”
by Manny Perez

sitandknit2.jpgClub Statement
“The Sit-N-Knit club is dedicated to providing a creative and fun environment where knitters of all levels can get together and share their talents. Whether you have never cast a single stitch or you are an experienced knitter who has expertise to offer, this is the place for you. Our purpose is to foster creativity and collaboration in a comfortable environment.” – TJ High School Librarian Sudi Stodola

The Setting
    The Sit and Knit Club meets in the library on the top floor of the school. Most of the walls of the very large rectangular space are lined with bookshelves made from some pine-ish wood. Nearly all of the tables and chairs are made of the same material and so the entire room feels unified and matching. Specifically, the club meets on the table nearest the librarian’s desk for mobility convenience. The place is quiet and calm and is the ultimate atmosphere for concentrated work.

Operation: Back Loop

    I was a bit late as I dashed through the library’s security checkers. Previously I was speaking to Mr. Almond about the elaborate details of Lost and I seemed to have rambled long enough to forget the time. Luckily though, I quickly realized what was happening and arrived a few seconds later at the first ever Sit and Knit Club meeting.

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Out Clubbin':Chess Club

January 30, 2008 by ·  

"My life was missing some edge."

by Manuel Perez

OutClubbin.jpgGoing incognito as an actual person who does things and cares about stuff, reporter Manny Perez will be exploring and documenting the many clubs and organizations here at TJ so you don’t have to; because that would be, you know, work.

Club Statement
"Chess is an exercise of infinite possibilities for the mind, one which develops mental abilities used throughout life: concentration, critical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem solving, pattern recognition, strategic planning, creativity, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, to name a few." – The Connecticut State Chess Association

The Setting
    The Chess Club collects in the bright and spacious room 108, or more commonly known as the place we all had to line-up to enter and get our ID photos taken. With a bust of our namesake (Thomas Jefferson) watching from a corner, the environment is anything but ill-equipped to serve the needs of any small organization, maybe even two or three at the same time. Sprawling over a wall-to-wall stretch of gritty, DPS sanctioned but still contemporary carpet, lies a little over half-a-dozen haphazardly arranged rectangular tables and more than three times as many chairs. The place is usually spotless and light-filled, ideal for any kind of planned meeting, and barely offset by the presence of horizontally stacked tables, leaning together on one stretch of the wall. Read more

TJ Is Gaining Altitude

December 13, 2007 by ·  

TJ students explore the great outdoors in this new club.

by Rhea Boyd

normal_Altitude_Club.jpeg    TJ’s newest club, Altitude, is an organization focusing on love for the mountains and a passion for the outdoors; its members will also contribute to the community by doing various volunteer activities.
    Junior Hall Hupperts created the club this year and Social Studies Teacher Kimberly Starks is the sponsor. “My goal is to spread the idea to as many of the students as I can that the mountains are there and they are awesome,” Starks said.
    Hupperts and Starks have a common love for the mountains, and outdoor sports are what motivated them to start this club. “We wanted something to get students interested in the Rocky Mountains and help them keep in shape,” Hupperts said, and Altitude will give students a chance to do both. The club will also show members that giving back to the community can be fun and helpful. Read more

Interact Goes International

December 2, 2007 by ·  

TJ club donates to Project Heifer. 

by Vince Crespin

download.jpeg       In this, its ninth year at Thomas Jefferson High School, the Interact Club has raised a total of $5,000 for Project Heifer, which sends animals to needy families in third world countries.
        The Interact Club, which often works in connection with DECA, has been active raising money, along with the Brighton High School Interact Club, to donate money to this international cause. The Heifer Foundation, originated in 1990, is a unique program that raises the money to purchase the animals through the Heifer Foundation, and in turn the nonprofit organization sends them to families in third world countries, where they can be used for a variety of purposes. The types of animals that are sent are based on the contribution of the group; anything from a cow (hence the foundation’s name) to a water buffalo, or even honey bees can be sent in order to provide relief. What the animals are used for is decided by the recipients; they can be utilized to provide renewable resources for the family (such as milk, wool, etc.), to perform labor, for breeding, or in a crisis, to be consumed as food. Read more