Spooky Spartans Welcome Ghosts and Goblins

Spooky Spartans Welcome Ghosts and Goblins

TJ’s Trick-or-Treat Street will take place on Friday, October 31, from 4-6 p.m. Artwork by Alex Villescas Second annual Halloween outreach event is sure to be a treat for many. [Read more...]  Read More →


20 Years and Counting

20 Years and Counting

Senior Monee’ Southall works on her project in Advanced Robotics. photo by Sara Andolsek With a long and successful history, the CCT Magnet attracts attention and expands each year. [Read more...]  Read More →


TJ Teacher Takes Students Abroad

TJ Teacher Takes Students Abroad

English teacher Jennifer Sonheim plans another trip across the ocean. Jenn Sonheim, is taking students on a trip to the UK in the coming year.  photo by Savannah Orth [Read more...]  Read More →


A Brand New Script

A Brand New Script

Michael Palmieri departs as director of TJ Theater in order to start a new life path. Michael Palmieri thinks back fondly on his theater career at TJ. photo by Ayla Ensz [Read more...]  Read More →


Softball’s Field of Dreams

Softball’s Field of Dreams

photo courtesy of Jeannine Mayo. Spartans stepped up to the plate for another great season.  [Read more...]  Read More →


Before the Crew Assembles

Before the Crew Assembles

TJ Theatre premieres in March. Graphic by Thomas Silverstein This year’s play has been announced, and it’s audition time for the cast and crew. [Read more...]  Read More →


Spartan Robotics Dominates Districts

Spartan Robotics Dominates Districts

The TJ Robotics teams enjoy a new level of success at the First Tech Challenge regional competition, sending three teams to the state finals. The exciting final elimination rounds found two TJ alliance teams pitted against each other. photo by Matt Spampinato [Read more...]  Read More →


Bracket Busters

Bracket Busters

The unpredictable Madness of March NCAA March Madness. Photo courtesy of NCAA.com [Read more...]  Read More →

October, 2014


Dear TJ Families and Friends,

I have great news to report, TJ is now a GREEN school! This is a huge accomplishment and was really was a full school effort. Not only are we meeting the District expectations, we are exceeding in some areas like our AP pass rate. We had the largest gain of any traditional high school. I have always said that TJ is a hidden jewel of the Southeast, now the good news about TJ is finally getting out!

We had an all school assembly a few weeks ago and shared the great news with the student body. It wasn’t all cupcakes and music we really felt that students needed to know how they contributed to TJ’s success. So in sharing the good news of us going green, the entire administrative team shared our students helped us to make this huge gain and our expectations moving forward.

Some of the things we talked about that helped us gain this success were:

-Students coming to school every day, on time.
-Students going to classes prepared and ready to learn; being mentally present
-Students challenging themselves by taking AP and HR classes to better prepare for the rigor of college.
- Students advocating for help when they are struggling. We offer Office Hours every Wednesday, and tutoring sessions Monday-Thursday from 3-4 every week.
- Students understanding that to be a student athlete they must be strong student first. They must be eligible to play each week; good grades are a must at TJ.
-Taking advantage of the AP tutoring sessions that we run each week at school and the District sessions that are offered at TJ and other neighboring schools this winter and spring.

We are proud of our students for their hard work and we are proud of our teachers who never accept less then a student’s best. We are having our first Open House for CCTM and the entire school on Tuesday, October 14 from 6-8. If you know some 8th graders who are looking for a high school to call home, have them come and check out all the great things that are happening at TJ. TJ we are going from good to GREAT!

Thanks for your continued support!
Mrs. Suzanne Morris-Sherer


Spartan Spotlight: Laine Stewart

spotlight_1What is your favorite…

Food? My favorite food would have to be Taco Bell. I have it for every meal of the day.
TV Show? My favorite show is King of the Hill.
Color? Purple is by far the best color.
Band? Definitely the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Memory at TJ? So far my favorite memory is painting the parking spots.
Subject? I really enjoy physics.
If you could live in any time period, what would it be? I would want to live in the 80s.
What are two random facts about you?
I play the ukelele and I love Costco

What’s your life philosophy? Taco Bell

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The New Faces of TJ’s Administration



New Spartan administrators Paula Hammel and Karen Ikegami. photo by Savannah Orth

The Spartan community welcomes Assistant Principal Paula Hammel and Administrative Intern Karen Ikegami.   [Read more...]

TJ Wins National Championship


Photo courtesy of Jerry Esparza.

The SkillsUSA department at TJ wins the national gold in 3D.

[Read more...]

Community Archives

Community Scrambles to Support Schools

On Saturday, May 17th, four students from the TJ golf teams competed together at Wellshire Golf Course to raise money for schools in the neighborhood.


Morgan VandeRiet prepares to putt on a challenging green, while Alex Villescas plans his next shot.  photo by Laine Stewart

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People Archives

Before and After the 90 Minutes

CCTM Pro Tech and soccer coach Sara Andolsek reflects on her years at TJ, while looking ahead to the future.


Despite years of success, Sara Andolsek decides to bring her coaching career to a close. photo by Ayla Ensz

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Time to Learn a Little About “Jack…son”

After eight years TJ, talented teacher Kyler Jackson has become a favorite of many students.


TJ teacher Kyler Jackson makes an impact on the TJ community, in and out of the classroom. photo by Schyler Bruce

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Fall sports Overview


graphic by Alex Villescas.

The beginning of school brings with it an exciting fall sports season.   [Read more...]

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Wayward Souls: a Masterpiece in Gaming

After the 2011 Action RPG masterpiece, Mage Gauntlet, I’ve been hungering for more from Rocketcat Games.


Wayward Souls is a skill-based game, very different from the many pay-to-win games on iOS.

[Read more...]