Obsessed with iPhones

March 1, 2013 by  

New technology offers both benefits and distractions to TJ students.

Are iPhones a blessing or a curse? Artwork by Tori Wallace

Are iPhones a blessing or a curse? Artwork by Tori Wallace

Teenagers all over the world continuously turn to their cell phones for entertainment, emergencies and to just aid them with their everyday activities. To some phones are looked at a something very precious, while many high school teachers seem to view them as a distraction.

One of the more popular cell phones is Apple’s iPhone. Apple constantly comes out with new technology that heightens the standards for what’s new and cool. The iPhone can be compared to a universal tool able to connect with friends, browse the Internet, conduct online banking, and the device is even able to hold thousands of songs. Though iPhones can be used in a variety of ways, students at TJ mainly use them for social networking sites and music. TJ Senior Evie Olan comments, “Even though iPhones are really cool, I believe if I had one I might not be able to concentrate on my work as much.”

The ability to check up on what’s going on within these sites throughout the day keeps students informed. “Being constantly informed isn’t always a good thing,” says Olan. “Sometimes it can create drama, or even spread it around quicker.”

It’s important for students to be informed with what’s going on in the world, but not so good when students just sit and tweet during class hours.

Staff may view iPhones as the enemy, due to the fact that students seem to struggle when having to set aside their phones during school. Also, because there are so many things to do on an iPhone, the option to cheat with unblocked Internet access is always available. “Students sometimes use their phones to cheat,” says Science Teacher Brett Butera. “Because of the fancy cameras on the iPhones, students are able to take pictures of tests and send them to each other,” he claims.  Though the need to constantly stay connected and the temptations to cheat cause some students to lose focus during class, the iPhones also have some benefits. “If the students are making a poster and need to look up pictures, the phones can be convenient and helpful.” says Butera

Besides being able to assist with projects, Apple iPhones have many beneficial aspects for students. For people who don’t have computers at home, an iPhone can be a good substitution. Also, if a report is due and students have an off period at school, Spartans are able to use their phones to finish things up, or look up information quickly. Freshman Heather Hamm always finds something to do on her phone when there’s free time at school. “Sometimes at lunch I play on my phone if I’m bored and want to entertain myself,” says Hamm.

Senior Damon Daniels has an iPhone that he says he loves. “When it comes to history class, my iPhone really helps me out because I can look up information. If you have the self control to keep it in your pocket then it’s just fine, but if all you do is play video games and listen to music during class I don’t think the phone is very helpful.” Apple iPhones can be the handiest gadget in the world, but also a major distraction for high school students. In order for the phones to be beneficial, students must find a balance between working and playing on their phones.