One of the biggest album releases this year?

February 24, 2013 by  

 Bring Me the Horizon has set their newest album to be released for April 30th.

Sempiternal look like a monumental album according to reviewer Ryan Woods.Artwork by Ryan Woods

Sempiternal looks like a monumental album, according to reviewer Ryan Woods.  Artwork by Ryan Woods

            After three years since their last album release in 2010, the anticipation still grows for Bring Me the Horizon’s new album Sempiternal, which has finally had a release date set for the near future.

After their last album, they toured for two years and then, in 2012, they stopped doing shows and decided to set their focus purely on recording a new album. Since all of their previous albums have had to be released in such a short time, the band had never exactly gotten an album tuned to just the right sound like they had hoped. Now with almost a year to write and record, they have proven that this album will be one that will not be forgotten with their latest single, Shadow Moses.

On January 4th, 2013 Bring Me the Horizon debuted their new song Shadow Moses, which gave the world a small taste of what is to come, and it is spectacular. This song begins with the humming sounds of several people and then fades into Oliver Sykes (the lead vocalist) beginning to sing, which is a very smooth and fitting transition. After Oli sings the chorus, there is a heavy instrumental breakdown which incorporates some of their more fundamental work into their newer “lighter” sound.

Now when I say “lighter,” I mean that each and every one of their albums has sounded different than the last. Even Oli Sykes has said in interviews that he anticipates each new album to sound different than the last. I, for one, back him in this; if every album has the same sound and feel, then it ends up becoming very bland and repetitive which, let’s be honest, will eventually become dreary to even those pesky original-band-sound loving hipsters. Change is good; it is what keeps new music NEW.

Back to their latest single this song clearly shows how much time and dedication had been poured into this newest album; which makes the wait for the release seem like it is years out of a fans’ reach. Sempiternal may be a few months away from being released, but there is now a high expectation for all of the songs to come on the album, and it can almost be assured that it will match or even exceed the quality that has been put into Shadow Moses.

Bring Me the Horizon’s determination to put out the best album they have to date is yet to be determined. But their sound progression from their first album to their most contemporary release is nothing short of normal and great for the progression of the band. New sounds are extraordinary and a way to break from ones comfort zone for both the band and the buyer to appreciate a different sound that has taken years of evolving to form. Sempiternal will not be an album to be left on the shelf to collect dust.

Rating: ★★★★★