Saturday Night Fever: Eros 2013

February 11, 2013 by  

As Valentine’s love was in the air, Spartans enjoyed another rendition of the annual Eros dance.

The Eros Royalty was choose at the annual Eros dance. Photo by Rachel Uyemura

The Eros Royalty was choosen at the annual Eros dance. Photo by Rachel Uyemura

On Saturday, February 9th, a snowy day turned into cold evening as students convened at Thomas Jefferson High School for the final all-school dance of the year: Eros 2013.

Eros is a Sadie Hawkins style event, where the girl asks the guy to the dance. The event remained well attended throughout the night, but was at its absolute peak in numbers from 9:20 p.m. until the end of the dance at 11 p.m., when Pollete Fierro and Tony Rivera were named Eros King and Queen. There were many crowd favorite songs played including artists like Psy, Pitbull, and Trinidad James. “I usually like the music played at dances and this was no exception. It was a great way to get a taste of prom,” said Senior Nate Gengler.

As always, there was a passionate spirit week that┬ápreceded┬áthe dance to prepare the student population for the party that was to ensue on Saturday Night. On Monday students were encouraged to dress as characters from their favorite T.V. show, movie, or book. Tuesday was classy day, when everyone brought out clothes that would make Frank Sinatra look pedestrian. Wednesday held as Sports day and everyone represented their teams’ colors, whether college or professional. The classic tradition of Wacky Hair Day happened to fall on Thursday, and hairstyles from strange to wacky walked in the doors of school on Thursday. Friday – as always – was Brown and Gold day. TJ pride was rampant as the student population prepared itself for the final pep rally of the year on Friday.

The pep rally was MC’d by Seniors Sadye Hazan, Angela Becker, and Ted Hahn. Each winter sports team was able to huddle at half court and showed the school how they prepare for games. Then, a small dunk-off ensued as team members from the boys’ basketball team enticed the crowd with their best impersonations of a 1985 Michael Jordan. To end the pep rally, each graduating class had one representative in a three-point shooting contest for Burger King gift cards. After it was unclear who won, each contestant received a gift card for their efforts. “The pep rally was fun, but I loved watching the dunking of the basketball,” said Senior Quinn Riesenman.

After a great week of spirit and hype, Eros did not disappoint the TJ student body as they expended all their energy on the dance floor, and the dance reflected the joy in the student body.