Thomas Jefferson’s Interact Club Donates Coats for Colorado

January 12, 2013 by  

TJ helps the less fortunate stay warm as colder weather looms.

Students Elizabeth DeJesus (center) and Shelby Anderson along with Interact Advisor DannyShowers help lead another successful coat-drive at TJ. Photo by Henna Danek

Thomas Jefferson’s’ Interact Club is a group of students who reach out to help the less fortunate. The newest community service project they’re involved in is the Coats for Colorado coat drive.

Interact’s newest community service project is aimed at helping the less fortunate stay warm. “We are collecting coats for the Coats for Colorado Program,” shared Interact’s Project Manager and Senior, Elizabeth DeJesus. “We’ve signed on with Ally Allas who works at Dependable Cleaners. They are working with the Coats for Colorado Program to gather coats for the less fortunate,” said DeJesus. “The Rotary Club in DTC is our parent organization. They have helped donate a ton of jackets so the members of Interact are very thankful for all their help,” she explained.

According to DeJesus, Interact has already collected more coats than they expected. “Fellow Spartans can help in many ways,” she said. “The students at TJ can really help just by joining Interact. We meet on Mondays during lunch to discuss new projects we would like to take on. At first I was hesitant to join because it sounded like a lot of work and I wasn’t sure I wanted to give up my lunch period on Mondays to talk about community service projects; then I tried it out, and I love it,” said DeJesus. “Not only can you join, but for any and every fundraiser we do, you can donate in any way you can,” said DeJesus.

The members of Interact meet every Monday during lunch to discuss new projects they want to take on. DeJesus, Senior, and project manager of their newest fundraiser, said, “In Interact we help the less fortunate because we have the ability and tools to do so. It’s one thing to take on a project, and it’s another to actually follow through and finish.” Interact has completed many fundraisers in the past years, and 2012-2013 has already been productive. Some fundraisers include: helping Inner Faith, No Kid Hungry, and gathering turkeys for Christmas. “We also sell hot chocolate, cotton candy, and work with restaurants to fundraise for every charity we contribute to,” said DeJesus.