Chicago Cast in Stone

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Drama Dept. announces talented Chicago cast.
by Sinjin Jones

Chicago_1.jpgThey came, they sang, they conquered. After the extensive three-day audition schedule and callbacks, the cast list for the TJ Drama Team production of Chicago has been posted.

The audition process was three-pronged. On November 27th and 28th, Chicago hopefuls gathered outside of the choir room for singing and dancing auditions. They were charged to memorize a two to three minute monologue, a two to three minute excerpt of a song, and to perform it in front of the three directors: Drama Coach Michael Palmieri, Music Director Edwina Hebert, and Choreographer Carole Fulkerson. Read more

Boys' Hoops Soar Over the Eagles.

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Spartans outmatch the Eagles in 75 – 29 romp.
by Philip Karlberg

    The TJ boys’ basketball squad dominated the Evangelical Christian Eagles by a decisive 45 points on Tuesday night.
    The outcome of the match-up was foreshadowed at the end of the first quarter, when TJ had 17 points to the Eagles 7.  The second quarter only got better for the Spartans, putting 19 more points on the board for a half-time score of 36 to 15.  The second half was more of the same with the guys making an impressive 21 points in the third and 18 in the fourth.  The overall outcome was very one-sided ending in a final score of 75 to 29.
    The Spartan shooting game was hot all through the match-up; thirty of their points came from outside the three point arc.  TJ’s game only got better as the guys picked up their energy as the game progressed into the second half.  According to Sophomore Billy Sprague, "The steals accomplished in the third quarter on defense lead to a better offense." 
    With a 7-1 record, the Spartans have showed that they are a real powerhouse in the 4A league.  If they can keep up the stunning performance they have shown so far they will be in strong contention for another state championship.

TJ Swims Past Kennedy

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TJ Girls’ Swimming takes an easy victory over the Commanders.

by Marc Houghton

normal_hall_swimming2~0.jpg    The Lady Spartan swimmers finished their last meet before winter break with a dominating performance over the Commanders of Kennedy on Tuesday.  With this win, TJ moves to 2-1 in dual meets on the season after beating Montbello in their first meet and falling to George Washington in their second.    

     The girls started out the meet with an easy win in the 200 medley relay.  The winning team consisted of Sophmore Andrea Shacklock, and Seniors Catherine Piccone, Ryanne Mollo, and Alex Hurlbut.  The relay still has not met their goal of qualifying for the state meet, but with most of the season ahead of them they are hopeful that they can drop a couple of seconds to make the time. 

    One of the top performers of the meet was Catherine Piccone, who won the 500 freestyle as well as being a member of both of the winning relay teams.  Andrea Shacklock also had a good meet, winning the 100 freestyle, and coming very close to a state qualifying time in the 50 freestyle.

     With four meets under their belt, the girls are getting into the groove of the season, and their times are getting closer to where they need to be to compete with teams from all over the city.  With three more dual meets against Denver West, Denver East, and Denver South, the girls have a good chance to show that they are among the best in the Denver Prep League.  They will be training hard over winter break, and will come into the new year ready to get some early wins. 

TJ Boys Dominate Tournament

December 18, 2007 by ·  

Spartans take first place at the Rebel Invitational.

by Scott Bruskin

bball_1.jpg    The TJ boys’ basketball team continued their winning ways over the weekend, defeating a total of four teams to win the Denver South Tournament. The Spartans got wins over Bear Creek, Denver West, Lakewood, and Denver South by a combined score of 279-208.

     The leading scorer of the weekend was Sophomore Ray Riley, who finished with a total of 54 points, averaging 13.5  per game. Riley shot a strong 9-26, or 35%, from behind the arc. Second in scoring was Sophomore Billy Sprague, who chipped in 52 points. You cannot mention two of these sophomore stars without mentioning the third, second year varsity player Chris Carter. Carter threw in 46 points, and also was lethal from the three-point line, shooting an impressive 63%. With these three sophomore sensations on fire, TJ will be a tough foe for anyone looking to knock them down. The boys are also receiving leadership from all of their six senior players. It is apparent that the senior’s leadership is rubbing off on TJ’s young guns. Read more

Confessions of a Female Computer Geek

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This widget-loving, html-coding student spills all.
by Christina Danek
CristinaGeek.jpeg    Even though I rarely wear polo shirts, and I admittedly don’t own a pocket protector, AND I only speak in binary on weekends, I am undeniably a computer geek. I’m also a female, and thus I possess a combination of traits that defies many stereotypes of womankind’s place in society.
    While it is true that men dominate the field of information technology (an estimated 76% of IT-related jobs in the US are held by men according to the National Center for Women and Information Technology), there is no viable reason why they should. Speaking from nearly four years of experience in the areas of computer programming, animation and web design, I’m convinced that women can be just as successful in this arena as men. As one of four senior girls in the Computer Magnet, I can honestly combat every claim against women in technology. Read more

Insight Into the Drama

December 18, 2007 by ·  

A drama student dramatically divulges details.

by Manuel Perez

Nat.jpg     Seeing as fantastically frenetic as they are, Drama Coach Michael Palmieri’s own team of drama actors and actresses are hard to capture, let alone pin down for an interview. Fortunately, with the combined use of a Moulin Rouge DVD and the promise of a feathery pink boa, I was able to lure one into my journalistic.

Natalee Pinson, a drama student on the rise, was gracious enough to answer a number of questions concerning herself, the drama department, and the upcoming Chicago play. Read more

Double Takedown

December 16, 2007 by ·  

Wrestlers pin Kennedy and Lincoln to the mat.

by Matthew Mankoff & Devon Fitzgerald

normal_make.jpg    The Thomas Jefferson Wrestling team had a doubleheader  on Thursday night, beating league rivals Lincoln and Kennedy. With those victories, the Spartans’ season goal to be city champions has begun.
    The Spartans are starting to build their reputation as a dominant wrestling team in the city as well as the state. Their first victim was the Lincoln Lancers, who in past years have given the wrestlers some tough matches. However, this night the Spartans showed a dominant performance winning 66-16 despite a slow start. The Spartans lost two early matches, but were able to turn it around with strong performances across the board. Read more

Volunteers Needed For Arches of Hope Bicycle Giveaway

December 16, 2007 by ·  

Bicycles given to families at the Auraria Campus Event Center.

by Julia Harrington

bike.jpg    On Sunday December 16, 2007, the Arches of Hope Bicycle Giveaway is taking place on Auraria Campus from 1:30-3:30.
This event is a special giveaway where 100-150 DPS students will receive bicycles. They are looking for some volunteers to help bring bicycles into the event center, and they are also needed to help families navigate through the campus. These volunteers are needed to assist and guide families to get from the parking lot to the event center.
    For students who are looking for some extra volunteer hours or just want to help out, they can contact Happy Haynes at 720-423-3221. 

TJ Is Gaining Altitude

December 13, 2007 by ·  

TJ students explore the great outdoors in this new club.

by Rhea Boyd

normal_Altitude_Club.jpeg    TJ’s newest club, Altitude, is an organization focusing on love for the mountains and a passion for the outdoors; its members will also contribute to the community by doing various volunteer activities.
    Junior Hall Hupperts created the club this year and Social Studies Teacher Kimberly Starks is the sponsor. “My goal is to spread the idea to as many of the students as I can that the mountains are there and they are awesome,” Starks said.
    Hupperts and Starks have a common love for the mountains, and outdoor sports are what motivated them to start this club. “We wanted something to get students interested in the Rocky Mountains and help them keep in shape,” Hupperts said, and Altitude will give students a chance to do both. The club will also show members that giving back to the community can be fun and helpful. Read more

Basketball Takes Down the Bears

December 13, 2007 by ·  

Boys’ Basketball gets an easy win at Bear Creek

By Scott Bruskin

    The TJ boys’ basketball team kept their momentum going Wednesday night when they defeated the Bear Creek Bears by 17 points. The boys were lead by sophomore guard Ray Riley who contributed 16 points. Senior Jonathon Labato and Sophomore Chris Carter also chipped in 10 points each. “We started off a little slow, but unlike our last games we did very well in the third quarter. And we were able to finish the job in the fourth quarter,” said Carter. TJ outscored the Bears 36-23 in the final two quarters of the game. The boys were also sensational from behind the arc, converting on eight of fifteen three point shots attempted. The Spartans will be a tough match for anyone if they can continue this sensational shooting.

    Now four games into the season, it’s all right to begin checking division records, and for the boys this is a good thing. After this win, TJ is third in the conference an overall record of 3-1. Trailing only Denver East and Denver West, the boys will have a chance to eliminate that one game lead Thursday when they take on the West Cowboys at 3:30 at West. If the boys can take this game, they will jump into a tie for first place, holding a 1-0 divisional record. Needless to say, this will be a very important game. Denver West is a tough divisional opponent, but look for the Spartans to show what they are made of and get a tough win on the road tonight.

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